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About unloved

Unloved is built by creators for creators. Unloved started out as noesisedge (I know weird name), noesisedge was a domain selling business for our unused domains. Then we found a lot of our friends had the same problem, so we built unloved the one location for sale of side projects and domains.

How it works

We are available to chat; see a domain you like send us a message or email us at hi@un-loved.com


Your payments are safe with us, we use paypal, and Escrow.com for all our transactions so both buyer and seller are protected.

Custom Fit

Every plan is different, looking to lease or buy outright we got you covered!

Featured websites


Stand out from the rest of developers: Meet heroic.dev, a domain designed for engineers & devs looking for top-tier positions or projects. Impress your future clients or employers.

  • Memorable: heroic.dev is easy to remember.

  • Broad appeal: heroic.dev is a single English word.

  • Other extension sold: heroic.org with a different extension sold before.


A web domain perfectly suited for banks, finance startups, fintech startups, tech startups and other SaaS businesses.

  • Comparable domains sold:speed.cc $110 (USD)

  • Short: xceed is 15 characters or less.

  • Extensions taken: The .com and 24 other extensions of xceed are in use.

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